Safety Policy

Our Safety Policies

The goal is to provide a healthy and safe working environment free of accidents and injuries. This responsibility extends from top to bottom and includes everyone in between. We put conscientiousness to observe all depended requirements and install a good practice as necessary for each specific location and circumstance.

At the large scale we are committed to safety, we install tool boxes for all jobsites with effective job safety training for categories of employees and various incentive awards for exemplary performance.

Safety is most important aspect for business; we concentrate on minimizing risk factor by taking inhibiting steps:

  • Dedicated safety personnel for each project and site.
  • Time to time review and innovation in safety standard and measurement.
  • Mock drill for emergency and contingency plans.
  • Safety inspections and obviations of installed compliances.
  • Reporting accidents and analysis and investigations.
  • Periodically safety audit and compliances.

We are committed to supply extraordinary services and solutions with dedication and excellence.

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